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All physical preparation programs are NOT created equal, and we are speaking from experience when we say that there are more inadequate coaches running strength and conditioning programs at the next level (usually in the lower D2 and D3 levels) then we'd like to admit.Deebo Training Systems Linwood Crump Temple Owls Football
While most programs are not entirely incomprehensive, there does exist quite a few deficiencies in program planning at the next level - particularly when it comes to energy systems work. For example: The dreaded "300-Yard Shuttle" test is still being used by a large majority of Universities throughout the country, but when is a football player EVER going to run 300 yards in a single play during a football game?

The chances are very unlikely, if ever. Why then, do these coaches program their athletes to spend all summer pounding away on their local track to prepare them a scenario that will likely NEVER happen in an actual game? Will training for the 300-Yard Shuttle help improve their aerobic capacity? Sure. Will it help them successfully "pass" this tired old conditioning test when they enter training camp? Sure. BUT, will it improve them as athletes and better prepare them for the physical demands of a football game? Not exactly, and at the end of the day, THAT is what matters most!

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 In an effort to correctly and efficiently prepare our athletes for success during the season at the collegiate level, the DTS College Football Program was created. The college football program is designed to systematically maximize the athletic development of speed, strength, agility, mobility and conditioning of each athlete throughout the various stages of the off-season specifically for the sport of football. Each off-season phase (winter, spring, and summer) is designed to build upon the foundation of improved athletic qualities of the previous phase, all in an effort to completely prepare the athlete to excel in the upcoming season.

Our primary aim with this program is to continue to develop the athlete over the course of their entire collegiate career to help them reach their full potential on the football field, giving them the absolute best chance to contribute to the overall success of their respective team.

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