High School Football Program

The unfortunate (and somewhat scary) reality of the landscape of high school football strength and conditioning programs is that many of the schools' programs are being developed and executed by high school football coaches (most of which are teachers, by trade) and NOT knowledgeable and experienced strength and conditioning coaches. Unlike the college and professional levels, where the off-season/in-season program is created by a professional strength and conditioning coach who truly understand the demands of the sport, the high school coach often lacks the foundational knowledge of position-specific energy systems and how to safely and effectively develop the functional sport-specific strength of both younger and more experienced athletes.Deebo Training Systems Michael DeSantis South River Rams Football

You wouldn't train an offensive or defensive lineman the same way you would train a quarterback, as the physical demands of each position during a football game are drastically different. Similarly, you cannot expect a 15-year-old in-coming freshman, who has limited-to-no weight room experience, to have the same level of strength and/or technical know-how to properly and safely execute the same exercises as the 18-year-old senior who has been in the program for 4 years. And yet, despite this common-sense flaw in program design, these "one-size fits all"-type programs are being run by high school football teams across the country.

In an effort to create a solution for the common deficiencies amongst high school programs, the Deebo Training Systems High School Football Program was created. The intention of our program is never to say, "our program is better than your high school program", but to "fill in the gaps" and act as a supplemental program to that which the athletes are already doing at their respective high school. Our program is designed to: introduce and/or improve athletic positions of each athlete, develop and/or improve technically sound movements and running/jumping mechanics, improve mobility (to prevent injury), agility, speed, power and develop position-specific strength (taking into consideration the age and training experience of each athlete). Our program also takes things one step further, and dedicates a portion of our training time to improve the unique individual weaknesses, muscular imbalances and other deficiencies of each athlete. Deebo Training Systems Jayvis Rayside Sayreville Bombers Football

Our primary aim is to prepare the young athlete for athletic success on the field, and develop their all-around athletic ability to help them reach their full potential as an athlete in hopes of furthering their athletic career and giving them the opportunity to play at the next level.