Adult Strength and Fitness

Our strength and conditioning program is designed for anyone, regardless of exercise experience and/or personal goals, to increase strength, mobility, and coordination and improve various energy systems capacity (a.k.a. cardio or conditioning).

Within each program, exercise selection and their variations, as well as volume and intensities, are catered individually to each athlete and their goals. In other words, a woman who has limited training experience and has a goal of weight loss and a former college athlete who has an extensive exercise history and a goal of building strength and lean muscle mass can co-exist within the same program.

This approach to training enables us to provide an individualized program delivered within a group or "team" environment under the supervision of a coach.

This makes for a fun, high-energy and motivating training atmosphere, as members and coaches alike motivate and push one-another to achieve maximum effort each training session and deliver awesome results!